RUBY & the 13th DOOR


Music, Libretto & Narration written by Martyn Swain

‘Martyn has a depth & understanding of Music & Character that most in his field could only Dream of…’ – Julian Lennon


Martyn Swain is an Emmy award-winning British Composer and two years ago he set up ‘The Magical Opera Company’ to administer his brand new Magical Musical Fairytale called ‘Ruby & the 13th Door’. Based on a Grimms Brothers story called ‘Fairy Tell True’ and brought to Martyn’s attention by Beverley Sharpe of ‘Eclectic Opera’, ‘Ruby’ represents an immediately accessible and breathtaking introduction to Music and  Theatre as a genuine piece of family entertainment.

The storyline for the 95 minute, 15 scene piece (presented in 2 Acts) is propelled by an atmospheric narration performed by Hugo Speer (The Musketeers/Full Monty/Silent Witness) which introduces each scene. A ‘Kids Chorus’ adds to the excitement and as the cast mingle with the audience the spellbinding mood becomes ever more infectious. As the story unfolds the audience is taken on a whirlwind adventure through dark forests and a magical world in the clouds before the piece concludes with a simple moral …

‘tell the truth and you will be forgiven’

‘Ruby’ was orchestrated by Martyn and Matt Dunkley (Peter Pan/Pirates of the Caribbean/Batman: The Dark Knight). The first production was led by professionals but also included a large number of auditioned performers from the local community – with two highly talented newcomers claiming the lead roles of ‘Younger Ruby’ and ‘Older Ruby’ in the show’s world premiere!

With next to no competition since ‘Peter & the Wolf’ and ‘The Snowman’ – ‘Ruby’, with its lush cinematic orchestrations will also work well as a recorded piece – with the ‘Love Aria’ earmarked as a perfect Christmas single. ‘Ruby is about to embark on her second outing – and with the BBC (along with a couple of movers & shakers on Broadway) keeping close tabs on her progress, let’s just say that we’re hoping for a long and fruitful life for our new heroine!

Want to know more? Want to hear a ‘Ruby Teaser?’ Just take a look around this site – and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a line here and we’ll happily fill in the gaps for you – although how ‘Ruby’ ends will just have to remain a secret – for now at least …