Monthly Blog – May 2019

Dear All,

Well, it’s been a funny few years. Mid way through 2013, things were ‘full steam ahead’ for Ruby – but then came a series of work commitments and a bout of ill-health and plenty of turmoil, until I found myself having to move back to London at the tail end of 2015.

So – that’s the bad news out of the way – and I won’t pretend it hasn’t taken its toll – but there is some good news. Over the past few months I’ve been thinking back to all the great times we enjoyed putting together the original Ruby shows in December 20112 (was it really that long ago?)

I remember the haphazard rehearsals – the brave journey undertaken weekly by the Welsh contingent, the mad scramble to get the show ready without an acknowledged Director (until Simon turned up!) the daily struggle with admin, logistics and production duties – but above all, I remember the warmth and … Read more

Ruby & the 13th Door – New Dates Announced!

It’s true! Finally we’ve found a new home! ‘Ruby’ is coming to York Merchant Adventurers’ Hall on the 19/20th December.

We’re expecting high demand for tickets, with announcements coming soon about how to buy them. We’re going to do our best to make the ‘Ruby’ shows something to remember, so keep checking here and on the Facebook page for updates.


Coming soon – who is going to play the ‘Emerald King’? You can find out this Friday!

Chorus Auditions Complete!

A very warm ‘Thank You’ goes out to all those who turned up to the auditions at Leeds City Varieties over the last few days!

The audition team look happy enough!

 We hope you are too!

Keep checking your e-mail over the next few days and we’ll let you know how you got on.

Don’t worry if you don’t make it into the ‘Kids Chorus’ though – you’ll always be welcome.

Check back here or on the Facebook page:

for regular updates – and if you find a picture you’re in – tag it!

Martyn S

Still Time to Book an Audition!

Yes folks – there are still some audition slots open for both Choruses – and there is, of course, still the opportunity to be auditioned for one of the main roles after that!

Are you the first ‘Ruby’? Are you the ‘Young Emerald King’ in the making?

Get in touch (the Audition Page tells you how) and come and see us next weekend – Friday 8th / Saturday 9th June.

Good Luck!

Video Blog Update

You can now see nearly all of the Video Blogs that Martyn’s been making, documenting Ruby’s progress leading up to the auditions and performances themselves.

The first Blog appears here – and you can click on ‘Fast Forward’ to get to the next episode, with6 episodes up and running so far.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got some exciting stuff coming up soon, as auditions are just around the corner and due to be filmed!


Ruby Auditions – Update!

OK – Here are all the details you’ll need regarding the Ruby Auditions!

View/Download Ruby Audition Poster Here

Once you’ve enrolled for an audition (remember, you only need to attend ONE of the audition sessions) you’ll be given access to the singing audition piece. On the day you’ll also be asked to prepare a short acting piece (don’t worry – we’re here to advise you on what to choose) – and the day will start with some warm-up exercises and a bit of choreographed movement and dancing.

Oh – and don’t forget – we’re also looking for an ‘Adult Chorus’ – so don’t forget to tell your parents, if they’d be interested in joining the cast too!

Keep checking here for more details – and hope to see you soon!

Calendar News

Here’s a link to the Calendar News piece I did last year with Vicki Sharp and Graham Russell – when we were trying to promote the ‘Love Aria’ as a Royal Wedding song!