The Magical Opera Company Ltd (MOCo) has been set up to administer not only ‘Ruby’ but all of Martyn Swain’s future projects.

MOCo is looking for highly experienced Business Collaborators with a view to administering ‘Ruby’ and all future work as profitably and efficiently as possible – and based on feedback so far from the BBC and a few who are ‘in the know’ on Broadway, the future looks bright for MOCo.

Martyn is passionate about music and wants to create the best (and most exciting) experience for an audience possible, across all platforms and media. He knows from experience that a team of people built on trust and respect will always come up with the best results and that is the aim with MOCo.

The long term goal, of particular interest to prospective team members, is the establishment of a company to perform and tour MOCo works and there are any number of other exciting avenues for ‘Ruby’ to explore.

Still – first things first!

The company, as it grows, will have a simple mantra of excellence – as can be witnessed by the inclusion of Matt Dunkley as the first team member.

We’ve since added ‘The Red Ladder Theatre Company’, ‘We Are Theatre’ and ‘Boiling Frog’ to the list of MOCo friends – and if you have something to offer yourself, don’t hold back – get in touch and make a difference!