Monthly Blog – May 2019

Dear All,

Well, it’s been a funny few years. Mid way through 2013, things were ‘full steam ahead’ for Ruby – but then came a series of work commitments and a bout of ill-health and plenty of turmoil, until I found myself having to move back to London at the tail end of 2015.

So – that’s the bad news out of the way – and I won’t pretend it hasn’t taken its toll – but there is some good news. Over the past few months I’ve been thinking back to all the great times we enjoyed putting together the original Ruby shows in December 20112 (was it really that long ago?)

I remember the haphazard rehearsals – the brave journey undertaken weekly by the Welsh contingent, the mad scramble to get the show ready without an acknowledged Director (until Simon turned up!) the daily struggle with admin, logistics and production duties – but above all, I remember the warmth and unity, the breathtaking performances, the sense of ‘Team’, the growth of friendships and the Love that grew through the Ruby experience.

Yes – when the chips were down, the rallying cry to pull together went up – and the response was emphatic and heartwarming – from everyone!

So – what’s changed now. Why should you believe that a new push will see a new and improved Ruby come, once again, to fruition? After all – there have been false starts before? Well, earlier this month, we put in an application for funding from the National Lottery, so that we could finally start up Ruby afresh. I received a phone call from a Lottery assessor, who hadn’t (for some reason) seen this website and a week later … Yay – we were approved for funding!

OK – so there’s not a huge amount of money there, but there’s easily enough to get started – so we are now duty-bound to get Ruby up and running again!

So – what’s the plan?

Well – there are a number of possibilities to look at, but at this early stage, this is what we want to do:

Firstly – we need to raise the profile of Ruby & the 13th Door. We plan to do this in 2 ways.

1. Start an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. We haven’t yet worked out a figure to apply for, but IndieGoGo let you keep all the funds you raise, even if you don’t hit your target – but best of all, if you go over your target you get to keep that funding money too!

2. To do what we do best – and finally record the Finale piece for Ruby – the song ‘Over the Rainbow’. The good news for anyone previously involved in the cast for Ruby is that we intend to record it in the same studio in Leeds that we used in 2013. Apart from anything else, it’ll be a great chance to catch up and we also plan to record the event, with a few interviews, as part of the IndieGoGo campaign.

Shortly, we’ll be looking for people to help administer the IndieGoGo campaign (probably experts in Social Media, etc.) but I’ll let people know about that in due course.

And finally – I’m really excited about re-launching Ruby! It goes without saying (well, it doesn’t, but I’m saying it now!) that all previous cast members are invited back – probably to form an invincible Hunting Party or join the Adult Chorus, rather than staying in the Kids Chorus – although there may be some logistical problems, as it’s likely that the next Ruby performances will take place a lot further South than York.

Whatever way you look at it, it’s good to be back! Granted, the last few years have been ‘difficult’ – but from here on, the only way is up!

Lots of Love,

Martyn x



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