Ruby & the 13th Door – The Story

Ruby is an epic tale of courage, romance, fear and triumph with a simple and undeniable moral “Tell the Truth and you will be forgiven”.

The story is based on the Grimm Brothers’ story, “Fairy Tell True” originally brought to Martyn Swain by Buffy Sharpe of ‘Eclectic Opera’.

The opening narration reads :

‘Look. Look at the stars – shimmering in the night sky. Could there be life up there, in the heavens?
Surely … there could be...
‘Look. Look at the clouds – like magical warm pillows in the sky. Could there be a world, asleep up there?
Surely … there might be …’


After being saved from poverty and starvation by a Mysterious Fairy, Ruby and the audience are taken on a roller-coaster ride to CloudWorld – a land in the clouds administered by the enigmatic and loving Lightning Queen. You’ll meet (and hear) ‘The Kids’ – other poor orphaned and deprived children rescued by the Queen – and while you’re there, you’ll discover the truth about how the weather is made!

With the Lightning Queen away rescuing more ‘kids’, Ruby, left in charge, goes against strict instructions and opens the mysterious 13th Door. In a hypnotic exchange, Ruby lies 3 times to the Lightning Queen on her return and is struck mute – and banished to the terrifying ‘Forest of Thorns’.

After seeing her learn to sing with the birds, you will witness Ruby’s second rescue – at the hands of the very handsome young Emerald King who stumbles across the now ravishingly beautiful Ruby on a hunting trip – instantly falling in love and singing his beautiful, delicate and mesmerising Love Aria to her.

Following the eagerly anticipated Royal Wedding, you’ll also meet the young couple’s first child before the piece closes and ‘they all live happily ever after’…