Team Ruby 2020

Ruby & the 13th Door – Phase 2

Producer & Director Required

for new shows!

Following the success of Ruby’s first confident steps into the light, we’re now very excited about introducing a re-worked and expanded version of ‘Ruby’. In fact, with early discussions about ‘Ruby – the Animated Movie’ and a Ruby ‘App’ taking place, the possibilities for the new show seem almost endless.

‘Team Ruby’ already boasts an Emmy award-winning Composer, a Grammy award-winning Orchestrator and Hugo Speer, one of the stars of the current BBC Musketeers drama series (see below for more links) so to bring all our big ideas to full fruition we are looking to assemble a very professional, highly talented and committed team.

We’re not looking to get to Broadway overnight – but we are very ambitious and we want to put a World-beating Team together from day 1 to maximise, step by step, the show’s potential – so here’s your chance to get involved.

What’s ‘Ruby & the 13th Door’ all about?

‘Ruby’ is a genuine piece of family entertainment for the 21st Century. Based on a Brothers Grimm morality tale, the show takes the audience on a whirlwind adventure to a ‘World in the Clouds’, a ‘Forest of Thorns’ and finally to the ‘Emerald Kingdom’, where our heroine is rescued not once, but twice by the Emerald King. You can read a brief synopsis by clicking on the ‘Story’ pull down menu.

What are we looking for?

This is a NATIONWIDE call for:

A Producer/Production Team

A Director/Direction Team

Having proved to ourselves that ‘Ruby’ will work as a Professional Show, we’re now looking for a team to do the new, more ambitious version of the show justice. ‘Ruby’ is not a conventional piece of Musical Theatre, so ‘Team Ruby’ is being assembled to push the boundaries of family entertainment – to present Ruby as a ‘Magical Musical Event’ – in a variety of different formats and venues. We’re looking for a team of innovative thinkers and practitioners, as ‘Team Ruby’ is determined to be leading the charge towards a new and exciting way of presenting Family Entertainment.

If I Become Part of the Team – Will I Be Paid?

The forthcoming shows will not take place if not properly funded! After initial meetings with the Arts Council and others, Martyn is as sure as he can be that funding (being handled by an experienced professional) will be more than adequate.

Producer’s Role

 With various project strands to tie together, the Producer’s involvement may well extend beyond the traditional role – but first things first, we need someone to administer the new Show and hopefully, when finances allow, continue to be involved for many years to come. Please apply below for access to The Book.

Director’s Role

First time round, I directed the show myself, with able assistance from Simon Brewis. With no previous experience in the role, I learned a vast amount – but now it’s time to pass the role over to a professional. ‘Ruby’ has an Emmy award-winning composer and a Grammy award-winning orchestrator/arranger on board – so experience is very important – but a positive, innovative and energetic approach to ‘Ruby’ is absolutely essential. Likewise, age isn’t important – but understanding our goals is!

Please apply below for access to The Book.

So – What’s the next step?

The limited amount of information provided on this page is design to stimulate questions, rather than provide answers.

If you want to find out more about ‘Ruby & the 13th Door’, the first step is to register your interest with an email, enclosing a brief CV, photo and contact details. I will then contact you by phone at a time that suits (please include details in your email) and give you access to The Book.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Martyn Swain

Click here to get in touch.


Click on the links below to find out more about the creative Team behind ‘Ruby’


Matt Dunkley – Ruby’s Co-orchestrator/Conductor

Hugo Speer – Star of the BBC’s ‘The Musketeers’

Peter Pan – The Never Ending Story  Original Score written by Matt Dunkley