Team Ruby – Original Team Archive

The Team


A strong team was assembled at Ruby’s inception, thus ensuring the show’s future life. We owe a lot to the personnel listed below – without them, this site wouldn’t exist. I wish them all well and look forward to hooking up with all of them again on future productions.

A professional production needs the following personnel:

The Producer

Britt Swain stepped into the Producer’s role seamlessly for the York shows. And her previous appointments as a Producer? Well – absolutely none in fact … and no training, either! We owe Britt a MASSIVE debt of gratitude!

The Magical Opera Company has also built a good relationship with Chris Lloyd from the Red Ladder Theatre Company and it’s hoped that Chris will continue to don his advisory producer’s hat moving forward.

The Director

With the show’s dates and venue having changed, ‘We Are Theatre’ weren’t able to continue their great work with ‘Ruby’, due to previous commitments … leaving Martyn as the Director! However, with positive input coming in from all sides, the December shows were a great success and we’re looking to expand the Directorial team next time round.


The Orchestrator

We have about the best orchestrator in Britain in Matt Dunkley – who’s also a highly sought-after conductor and composer in his own right. Hollywood movies like ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and the remarkable ‘Peter Pan – Never Ending Story’ (the music for which was wall composed by Matt himself) have all benefited from Matt’s extensive input.


The Set Designer

Sadly, we didn’t have room for Ali Allen’s beautiful sets in York – but we’ll try to get her involved next time round! You can view some of Ali’s work here –

Artwork and Design

Oli Bentley at Split created the stunning ‘Magical Opera Co Ltd’ Logo (see MOCo page) and  added the simply beautiful poster artwork. Isn’t it great when you come across a designer who can actually read your mind? (yes, it is!)

The Web Designer

Following some brilliant input from Jason Odle and Charles Sellers at ELS Media, Mike Bridge has now taken over website development of the website. Check out the links to the blogs, Twitter and Facebook feeds – and leave a comment or ask a question if you have time.

The Cast

The icing on the cake and the most exciting aspect of any production. The Cast in York were sensational – so we’re hoping to bring them all back together next time out!

The Band

We’ve been recording with the Leeds College of Music and were lucky enough to recruit a handful of them for the live shows too!

The Musical Director

The shows in York called on the talents of Sam Sommerfeld, himself a student at Leeds College of Music – and now a Graduate. He proved to be a prodigious talent – so we added a new Scene at the very last minute, just so he could show off his skills to the full!

The Technical Team

Looking ahead, there are other positions to be filled in the areas of Lighting and Sound, for instance (I had a great meeting with Soundman Richard Nowell from RNSS Ltd some time ago – we’ll get him involved by hook or by crook!

Also – if you want to do anything at all to help ‘Team Ruby’ you can get in touch here.